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Abalone Shell Smudging Dish

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Abalone Shell Smudging Dish

Abalone shells are a thick seashell which shimmers with the iridescent colours of mother-of-pearl. They hold the energy of the ocean and bring a strong calming and healing energy, allowing you to remain connected to the sea - even when you are landlocked.

When you include abalone shells into your smudging rituals, you are incorporating all four of the earth’s elements: the shell represents water, the smoke represents air, the unlit smudge represents earth and once they’re lit they represent fire.  

They are the perfect dish to use while smudging, catching any cinders from the sage or palo santo. Alternatively they also make beautiful decorative pieces for styling in the home with crystals, jewellery or trinkets.

Each piece is naturally occurring and might slightly differ from the image which makes it one of a kind and unique to you. Each shell is roughly 10cm in width and 15cm long.