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With a powerful, wafting aroma, the ROOM & LINEN SPRAY 125ml effectively eliminates bad smells and odours. A few sprays in the air and around fabrics, furniture, and other surfaces keeps them smelling fresh and inviting. Get the confidence in your home of a professional clean with every use.

Our Room & Linen Spray is water-based and is highly scented with premium fragrance oils.  The sprays can be used to freshen up rooms such as the bathroom, spare room, office or areas where family pets are kept.  They are also great for linen cupboards, cushions, curtains and don't forget the car.


Distilled Water, Polysorbate 20, preservative & Fragrance oil.


Give a quick shake and then spray.

Before spraying on material, please do a test patch in an area not seen. May react with certain surfaces.